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Behind the Wheel Podcast 488
February 15, 2018 11:13 AM PST
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Buckle up, the Behind the Wheel Car Podcast is about to hit the road for another week.

It has arrived. The first ever fully-imported Holden Commodore. Joel Helmes was at the launch and brings a first drive report.

Mark Flintoff from Holden joins us to tell us what Holden expect from the car, how many they think they'll sell and how much it costs. The new Commodore has some heavy lifting to do.

A big surprise package in the Behind the Wheel garage this week out of China. The Haval H9. It’s a big seven-seat wagon that has genuine off-road ability.

We’ll take you around the block in it (all tarmac roads), and we’ll hear from Tim at Haval with details on pricing and spec.

Simon Lai is heading off on an undeserved holiday for weeks on end. So before he goes we going to make him work hard. He’ll compare the seven-seat Nissan X-Trail with the Honda CR-V.

Rachel Franco is back and she’s been wasting lots of time on YouTube. She’ll share an awesome story of how cars and music sometime come together on film.

Speaking of awesome, there’s an amazing competition being run in Brisbane this weekend. Titled “Build a self driving car in 72 hours” teams from around the globe have entered. We will get the man behind it all on to give us all the juicy details.

Here we go again for another epic one, settle in for Behind the Wheel Podcast 488...

Behind the Wheel Podcast 487
February 07, 2018 08:44 PM PST
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A big show on the cards this week.
We’ll head back to the busy streets of Japan for a guided tour with Pete. We'll go car shopping in Ginza and take in the delights of Tokyo traffic.
There’s a new Mercedes-Benz - the all-new A-Class which is likely to be one of the best sellers for the brand. David McCarthy from Mercedes-Benz calls in with the details.
Another brand-new offering, a much bigger Volkswagen Polo is about to land here in Australia. Paul Pottinger from VW has all the Aussie specs that you’ll need to know about.
We’re on the road in the latest edition of the BMW X3, while Joel Helmes has been at the launch of the very funky new SUV from Peugeot - the 5008. We'll hear how it drives on Aussie roads.
Simon Lai has had his hands on the top of the line Honda Accord V6, we’ll get his thoughts.
Rachel Franco is keen to highlight all the times our cars have made us look foolish. Be prepared for a very long segment!
All that and heaps more this week on Behind the Wheel.

Behind the Wheel Podcast 486
February 01, 2018 03:57 AM PST
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Another big show on the cards this week. We’re getting ready for the Bathurst 12 hour. Hot favourites, Porsche, are fielding a huge fleet this year.
Chris Jordan from Porsche joins us on the show with details on the preparations - and he’s got a great story out of London that involves $10 million worth of gold bullion and three new Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo’s.
Andrew Fraser - Nationals Member for Coffs Harbour, is pushing for driver education to be taught in schools for kids as young as twelve. It’s based on a model from CAMS.
We’ll chat to Andrew and get the nuts and bolts of the plan.
Joel Helmes has been at the Australian launch of the new Haval H9 – a seven-seat 4x4 that, on paper at least, shows a lot of promise.
We’ll get all the details on how it drives and how much it costs.
Victoria Police are in the process of renewing their fleet - starting with the Divy Vans. Their choice of vehicle is interesting and nowhere near as exciting as the car that will be replacing the Highway Patrol Commodores.
Frank Melilli, Manager of the Victoria Police Transport Branch, has all the inside goss.
The AAA (Automobile Association of Australia) is making a just call for the removal of tariffs on cars. Originally put in place to protect Australia's car manufacturing industry, obviously there's now no need to pay for an industry that doesn't exist.
The AAA also think there could be another huge benefit other than the cost savings motorists would experience. Tune in the CEO Michael Bradley to hear their ideas.
And Simon Lai & Rachel Franco are back to discuss the benefits of keeping your car stocked with food and drinks.
Lots to take in on this week’s edition of Behind the Wheel.

Behind the Wheel Podcast 485
January 25, 2018 02:01 PM PST
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We’re back for 2018 and it’s a show with a bit of international flair! Pete is going to take us on a tour of Japan & he’ll crash a Nissan Leaf live on air!

We’ll go touring car factories and get a sense of Tokyo traffic.

Meanwhile, back here in Australia, we’ll take you around the block in the BMW M4 Pure and try and figure out what you miss out on by buying the cut down version of the iconic BMW.

We’ll also stack up the M3 against the M4… is there a lot of difference apart from a couple of doors?

Speaking of BMW, they’ve unveiled a funky new SUV - the X2 and Lenore Fletcher joins us with all the pricing details and release dates.

The Maserati Quattroporte has been around a while. It’s recently been back to the factories in Modena & Turin for a bit of a nip and tuck. 

Glen Sealy, CEO of Maserati Australia, has all the details for us.

Joel Helmes has been hanging with the new edition of Australia’s most popular mid-size car - the now fully imported Toyota Camry. Has the Japanese built Camry lifted the bar in comparison to the older Aussie version? We’ll find out.

And Simon Lai & Rachel Franco make their return for 2018. Who know’s what will happen!

Behind the Wheel Podcast 484
January 17, 2018 04:41 PM PST
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It's the last episode of Behind the Wheel's Summer Series before an action packed return to live action next week, so we've tried to squeeze in as many of the good bits of 2017 as we can.

We revisit what was the huge task of choosing 2017's Car of the Year.

Joel Helmes takes us through the process of coming up with a winner from a long list nominations. Some brilliant cars missed out on the gong and you'll hear the chat with the winning manufacturer.

Effie Zahos, editor of Money Magazine had a bee in her bonnet about toll roads in 2017. She chatted with the boys and broke down what is now a considerable cost for a lot of Aussie motorists.

Gary Linnell, contributor to The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, had been known to mock Elon Musk's ideas about the future. Seems he had a change of heart in 2017 and he chat's to Pete and Chris as to why.

We also talk car buying trends for 2018, and Joel Helmes put us Behind the Wheel of the updated version of Toyota's epic little sports car, the 86.

Behind the Wheel's Summer Series - It's your last chance to relive some of the best bits from 2017 - Don't miss it!

Episode 286
January 11, 2018 03:51 PM PST
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The Behind the Wheel Summer Series continues this week with a look back on the highlights and lowlights of 2017.

In 2017 we saw the end of an era with the manufacture of cars in Australia coming to an end. Holden was the last of the companies to shut up shop - we revisit the sad day with Sean Poppit from Holden.

In better news, Motorclassica made a triumphant return to the motor show scene here in Australia, curator Paul Mathers joined Pete and Chris with a rundown of some the exotic machines on display.

Lorinksa Merrington, one of the stars of the Channel 7's hit show Yummy Mummy's dropped by the studio to chat about her car history, and her Dad's love of trucks.

Chinese manufacturer, Haval, are really making an impact on the Australian motoring market although are facing some hurdles that may surprise you. Don't miss the chat with guys from Haval.

Justin Smith, known for his radio exploits on Melbourne's 3AW and Sydney's 2UE, sits in with the guys to explain his new love affair.

It's a British marque that is putting a twinkle in his eye and it's something any car lover will be able to relate to.

It might be the Summer Series, but this week's edition of Behind the Wheel is one that'll get you thinking and give you a bit of a laugh as well.

Behind the Wheel Podcast 482
January 03, 2018 05:34 PM PST
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Our Summer Series continues this week as Pete and Chris look back on the best bits from 2017.

There was lots of laughs when comedian Dave O'Neil dropped by for a chat about his new podcast, the Debrief. The boys also heard about Dave's first car and the wheels he lusts after these days.

James Goodwin, CEO of ANCAP, called in through the year to chat about crash tests where old cars were pitted against new cars.

The difference 20 years has made to car safety is staggering. If you drive an old car, you can't miss this

Pete and Chris are huge animal lovers and were excited to hear about a concept car from Nissan - the X-Trail for dogs.

The dog chat continues with Rachel Franco, as the guys try to come up with the best cars on the market to cart your pooch around in.

Turns out that are quite a few up to the task, ranging in price from $20,000 to $1,000,000.

So give your best mate a bone and settle in for a huge edition of Behind the Wheel.

Behind the Wheel Podcast 481
December 27, 2017 08:15 PM PST
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It's the very last Behind the Wheel Podcast ever...well, for 2017! We'll be back bigger and better than ever in the new year.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy some of the very best bits during our Summer Series.

The biggest launch of the year was arguably from the South Korean brand, Kia. The wraps came off the much anticipated Kia Stinger, and we were at the Australian Launch at Wakefield Park Raceway in Canberra.

Australian Rally legend Cody Crocker took us on a hot lap, it's a ride you won't forget in a hurry.

We also chat to some of the head honchos of Kia to hear how they prepared it for the Aussie market.

Motor racing legend Allan Moffat joined us in the studio earlier in the year to talk about his first ever book, Climbing the Mountain. It's a fascinating chat that you can't miss.

We also listen back to some startling claims from the Australian Automobile Association in regard to fuel consumption figures. If you're in the market for a new car - you need to hear this.

And to finish off our last show of the year, we'll bring you all the details of the first ever Ute from Mercedes Benz - the X-Class.

So pour yourself a cold one, sit back and enjoy this edition of Behind the Wheel...

Behind the Wheel Podcast 480
December 20, 2017 10:04 PM PST
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Happy Christmas from all of us here at Behind the Wheel! We hope Santa makes it to your house with some extra special treats - like some of the cars we'll talk about on this weeks show...

As our Summer Series continues, Pete and Chris look back at some of the best bits of 2017, including a hot lap in an updated BMW M2 with Aussie motor racing legend Steven Richards.

We also catch up with the big boss of BMW Australia, Marc Werner, and get his thoughts on what is ahead for BMW in 2018.

We also investigate Elon Musk's latest exploit - The Boring Company.

He has plans to build a network of tunnels under one of the most earth quake prone cities on earth - Los Angles. We talk to a tunnel expert to ask "Is Elon Musk barking mad?"

We chat to Paul from Volkswagen to get the lowdown on one of the finalists for 2017's Car of the Year, the Golf 7.5.

David Rowley from Subaru gives us all the detail on this years edition of the Subaru Outback, and gives us a hint on when we can expect the next WRX.

James Scrimshaw revealed the Range Rover Velar, and we chat about a four-cylinder Jaguar F-Type and the convertible Range Rover Evoque.

Join the fun of Behind the Wheel's Summer Series - it's a hoot!

Behind the Wheel Podcast 479
December 14, 2017 01:36 PM PST
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It's the first of our Summer Series of the Behind the Wheel Podcast this week where we revisit some of our favourite bits of 2017.

We're headed out on the road in a classic Holden Sandman - and a host of other classic cars as Peter Hitchener takes us on a journey.

We'll take a look back at the exciting news that will set Queensland up for the future of electric cars - chargers being installed over a staggering 3000km.

There was a huge shock from ANCAP early in the year when they released the safety results of the Mustang. We'll listen back to a detailed explanation from James Goodwin - CEO of ANCAP.

We also take you back to the moment the McLaren 720S was launched here in Australia.

It's a really fun show with lots of laughs - don't miss it - this week's Behind the Wheel Podcast...

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