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Behind the Wheel Podcast 458
July 20, 2017 04:16 PM PDT
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This week we try and name Australia’s best Ute.
It’s a huge market, it’s massively profitable for the car companies and consumers are lapping them up, even Mercedes-Benz have entered the fray.
So what should you look for, how much should you pay and which one is best? Joel Helmes joins the guys to nut it out.
The new VW Golf is here - well, it’s almost new - it’s the Golf 7.5 and Paul Pottinger calls in to tell us what to expect.
There’s a new Audi A8 and it can drive itself while you watch TV - at least that’s what Audi have said - Shaun Cleary joins the boys to confirm or deny.
Simon Lai has been impressed by NIssan's big SUV, the Pathfinder - find out why.
Rachel Franco started her driving career in a paddock in a Subaru Brumby - she relives those days, and chats about the pitfalls of owning a ute - like all your mates ring when they're moving house - expect lots of hilarity.
Lots of news around this week - some of the top trending stories from Behind the Wheel include the most stolen car of the year, new soft top versions of the Mercedes AMG GT coming to Australia, and how much it actually costs you to find a car park.
We tackle a listener question from Kim about a used VW Tiguan.
And Pete will bring you his take on the new Holden Colorado LTZ.
All that and more on this week's Behind the Wheel.

Truck News Wrap: Tri-Tipper, ADAS, Show N Shine
July 19, 2017 07:56 PM PDT
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This week on the Behind the Wheel Truck News Wrap/Podcast we cover:
Isuzu brings new N-Series three-way tipper to Australia
ADAS under the microscope in the U.S.
Volvo Trucks looking for most efficient trucks drivers
Mercedes-Benz Actros recall underway
Iveco Australia sales on the up in 2017
Western Star Show N Shine organised for September
Minimizer Poly Fenders up for business award

Truck News Wrap: Bio-Gas, Unboxing and Hi-eSCR
July 12, 2017 11:29 PM PDT
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This week on the Behind the Wheel Truck News Wrap/Podcast we cover:

Penske and Detroit Diesel sign a big logistics deal

Iveco says global emissions could be trimmed 7% with the use of biogas

Volvo unveils new VNL and scores Guinness World Record

11 dealers sign up to be International Trucks outlets

Isuzu brings new ‘van-alternative’ N-Series to market

Iveco goes behind the scene to find out more about where Hi-eSCR was developed

Iveco Australia delighted with Daily sales in 2017 

Behind the Wheel Podcast 457
July 12, 2017 08:28 PM PDT
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We’re plugged in and ready to go for our electrified edition of Behind the Wheel.
Nearly ten years ago the very first Behind the Wheel segment aired on Australian radio - now 2500 segments later, it's time to pay tribute to our humble beginnings.
We've got a wide and varied range of cars to talk about this week, including a review of the BMW 530e - the first plug-in electric hybrid BMW 5 Series.
Of course, BMW have a couple of dedicated electric models (i3/i8), and most of their mainstream models now have electric options as well.
Lenore Fletcher from BMW Australia has some thoughts on what the government should be doing to help more of us get into emissions-free cars.
Joel Helmes adds his two cents worth on whether the taxpayer should be coughing up to encourage more folk into electric cars.
He's also been driving the top spec Volkswagen Tiguan. He’ll let us know whether he thinks it’s the new benchmark mid-size SUV.
Rachel Franco is back to look at the documentary from 2006, Who Killed the Electric Car and to pose the question "Where would we be had the car not been killed off?”.
An old mate of the show, and a face you’d regularly see on Nine News around the country, Alan Rascall pops in to tell us about his amazing cars - he's got some real exotics in the garage.
Simon Lai has been feeling manly driving the Nissan Navara - we'll find out though whether he has the rope skills to tie a load to the back of the ute.
There's plenty of news around this week, and as usual, plenty of laughs as well - Join us for another edition of the Behind the Wheel Car Podcast.

Truck News Wrap: June, Hydrogen and Trump
July 05, 2017 08:42 PM PDT
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This week on the Behind the Wheel Truck News Wrap/Podcast we cover:
June 2017 new truck sales data
Hydrogen the next big thing in trucks?
Penske opens new Perth outlet
Big predictions on truck connectivity
International Trucks brings new 12.4 litre engine to market
Trump infrastructure spend boost trucking

Behind the Wheel Podcast 456
July 05, 2017 05:44 PM PDT
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It a plethora of cars this week!
We’re headed into the red centre this week to get a proper taste of the all-new Land Rover Discovery.
This SUV/4x4 comes to the market with some big expectations.
Joel Helmes will give us the verdict on whether or not the Discovery lives up to them, live from Uluru.
We've stumbled across a car lover’s paradise and it's only an hour away from Sydney; The Gosford Car Museum.
It has an amazing collection and CEO, Ken Grindrod, joins us with details on some extraordinary cars, including Harry Vanda’s Aston Martin V8!
BMW has launched the highly anticipated X3.
Lenore Fletcher has all the details on an important SUV offering for BMW.
We’ll also hear about some Black Fire Edition BMW’s. Yes...Black Fire. We'll find out the what and the why.
Simon Lai has been living it up in a Nissan X-Trail ST - Nissan's 7 seat mid-size SUV.
Rachel Franco makes a welcome return with a plan to get Pete a personalised number plate, and has news on a massive price hike for those people who already have personalised plates.
We’ve just picked the all-new BMW 5 Series - it’s the 530e plug in electric version.
There's some amazing tech in this sumptuous new offering from BMW, you can get around without using petrol surprisingly easily - we'll tell you how.
Lots of news around this week - the fastest ever Porsche 911 has just been released, there’s a new V8 Aston Martin, a facelift for a Maserati, and how much will a new Civic Type R will cost you? We’ve got the details.
Don't miss this weeks supersized edition of Behind the Wheel!

Truck News Wrap: UPS, Training and Paccar
June 28, 2017 10:41 PM PDT
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This week on the Behind the Wheel Truck News Wrap/Podcast we cover:
UPS announces big plans to boost environmental credentials
Calls for car drivers to get more guidance around sharing the road with trucks
2017 Trucking Industry Awards announced
TWU moves to assist truck drivers with mental health issues
Paccar names best suppliers
Big opportunities for Paccar in India, China identified

Behind the Wheel Podcast 455
June 28, 2017 09:36 PM PDT
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We’re headed back in time this week on Behind the Wheel
Back to the 70’s in fact as we shine a spotlight on an Aussie Icon - the Holden Sandman.
Pete’s been hanging out with the guys from the Sandman Club of Australia and he’ll take you to a recent meet.
The Kia Stinger is getting closer…. much closer. Kevin Hepworth from Kia Australia joins us with some of the final details of the car we’ll see here late this year.
There’s also been rumours of a fast version of Kia’s tiny Picanto. We’ll put the hard word on Kev to see if the Picanto GT does actually exist.
Audi recently took out the award for world's best engine - specifically for the turbocharged 5-cylinder.
You’ll find that exact engine under the bonnet of their new RS3 Sedan - Shaun Cleary calls in with all the important RS3 numbers.
Joel Helmes has been driving the new 206kW Volkswagen Passat - he’s got a full rundown.
And we’re tackling the question of “Is it a good idea to buy a used German car?”
Peter swapped the Tesla Model X for another electric car - well, part electric at least, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. We’ve got a full review.
There’s also a review of the surprising Maxi MINI - the Countryman.

Simon Lai has been driving the twin-turbo V6 Infiniti Q60 - It’s rear wheel drive with four-wheel steer - Simon shares his thoughts.
More than you bargained for this week on Behind the Wheel!

Behind the Wheel Podcast 454
June 22, 2017 06:00 AM PDT
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This week on Behind the Wheel we bring ways to save money, annoy your friends and family, find the perfect new city car, and bring you a review of one of the fastest and most expensive cars on Australian roads.

We’ve got news on the cheapest cars to own and run here in Australia this week.

Our mates from the RACQ have been crunching numbers on the available cars in 2017 and will share the list of cars that will cost you the least.

There’s been an all-new Volkswagen Polo unveiled in Germany and Paul Pottinger from Volkswagen Australia calls in with all the details of what to expect.

Rachel Franco is the world’s foremost expert on what it takes to become an A Class back seat driver.

She’ll explain her techniques on how best to annoy any driver.

Joel Helmes, fresh from the launch of the Subaru XV and the Holden Astra Sedan, is armed with lots of juicy details.

Peter and Chris spent a couple of days with the epic Tesla Model X - the fastest, most out there all electric SUV available today. It even has automatic doors that could cause problems.

Simon Lai has been driving the Infiniti QX30 - some say it's just a Mercedes-Benz GLA in disguise...Simon will share his thoughts.

There's all the latest motoring news, product reviews, and maybe even a few more laughs than normal!

It's a big one - don't miss this Behind the Wheel Podcast...

Truck News Wrap: Patents, Cummins and Uber
June 21, 2017 08:14 PM PDT
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This week on the Behind the Wheel Truck News Wrap/Podcast we cover:
MAN and Scania sales on the up in 2017
Dana gets 10,000th patent
Rear axle issue recall for some Volvo trucks
Cummins goes electric
Three more Isuzu Servicepack trucks launched
Truck industry apps tipped to grow in coming years
New TruckSafe Chair gets to work

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